Enhance and Improve Façades

Here at GCDC, we prioritize supporting property owners, merchants, and residents as they take the steps to revitalize their building’s appearance. We encourage virtually all efforts to improve the street appearance of Greensburg’s business and commercial façades.

Restore, Renovate, or Create

We aim to provide financial assistance for any approved project in the Downtown District, the Health Care District, and Gateway District–whether they be beautifying a building or completely starting from scratch! The GCDC Design Committee also offers conceptual designs and work to avoid any conflict with eligibility for the program.

Enhance Property Value

Through the upkeep of the street appearance of Greenburg’s business and commercial façade and the creation of a visually harmonious city, it is our ultimate goal to increase the property values

Financial Assistance

With approved renovation projects, the committee can typically expect a 50-50 matching cost basis. The maximum grant awarded is $5,000 per project with a total renovation/restoration cost of $10,000 or more.

Step 1: Are you located downtown?

(Use Zoning Map Below)

Must be in Downtown Overlay, Gateway Overlay, or Health Care Overlay

Step 2:

Use the form below to submit a request for an application.

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